Dartford Assembly

Dartford Assembly Project (2015/16) was an outdoor gallery, designed to stimulate the visual senses and showcase a small sample of the wealth of artistic talent in the local area of Dartford. The display was installed on a 75 metre stretch of the hoardings at the north end of Lowfield Street and featured a wide range of works by Dartford artists, schools, colleges and local residents who accepted an open invitation to supply ideas or take part in workshops in the town centre. As a member of Dartford Arts Network, along with other artists, I run  a series of Saturday workshops in the town centre to gather ideas and content from local people. The result included acrylic paintings , a large spray-paint mural, collages, screen and mono print,  typography and graphic pieces, along with interesting quotes about Dartford and references to famous Dartfordians. The feedback from the local community was overwhelming positive. After 3 years the display was taken down due to building works and the artworks were auctioned with the proceedings going to the Ellenor Charity.

More info at http://www.dartfordartsnetwork.com/projects/dan-art-auction/

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