Plastic Fantastic and Plastic Drastic Action

The Plastic Fantastic (2016)  and Plastic Drastic Action (2018) Projects were organised thanks to The Ellandi / Project Dirt grant scheme. The core concept was cantered around the idea of plastic waste and recycling. The projected comprised of a series of community art workshops during which the participants learnt how to make toys and decorations using discarded plastic (phase one) and printing, drawing and sewing to decorated sculptures of a puffin, a fish and a jelly fish (phase 2). The final pieces were o display in a local shopping centre. There were also two local schools involved, Darford Science and Technology College and Dartford Bridge Community Primary School, where I was the Arts Coordinator (I developed it further and the school received Better Energy School Commendation £250)

Plastic Fantastic.



Plastic Drastic



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